TREATMENT: A New Start For Moms

A New Start for Moms

For updated information about our Substance Use Treatment Services go to DMC-ODS Waiver

Substance Use Services

You may be concerned about signs of drug use with someone you know. You may be concerned about yourself. When in doubt, speak to a professional. Just take the first step. We provide a continuum of care for substance use disorder treatment services. We provide individuals with services to help with the process of recovery from substance use disorders. If you think you or a family member needs substance use services, and are Medi-Cal beneficiaries, call our Access Line at 1-844-385-9200. The staff will perform a brief screening when you call that number, and provide a referral to a provider. For additional information, please visit

Our Substance Use Treatment Services include:

  • Early Intervention Services provide Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment.
  • Outpatient Services provide adults with fewer than nine hours and adolescents with fewer than six hours of services per week for recovery or motivational enhancement therapies / strategies.
  • Intensive Outpatient services provide adults with nine hours or more and adolescents with six hours or more of services per week of counseling and education about addiction-related problems.
  • Residential Treatment provides short-term 24- hour residential care for rehabilitation services in a non-institutional setting.
  • Withdrawal Management provides intake, observation, medication services and discharge services.
  • Opioid (Narcotic) Treatment program provides daily or several times weekly opioid agonist medication and counseling available to maintain stability for those with opioid use disorder.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment provides ordering, prescribing, administering and monitoring of medications for substance use disorders.
  • Recovery Services provide help after completing a course of treatment, whether they are triggered, have relapsed or used as a preventative measure to prevent relapse.
  • Case Management Services are utilized to assist a beneficiary to access needed medical, educational, social, vocational, and rehabilitative or other community services.
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