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New Podcast series

Our community is facing ever-shifting drug trends that may harm those we care about. We sit down to review commonly asked questions and how best we can respond as a community.

See the conversations below and stay informed!

Episode 1: Fentanyl and Fake Pills

Alma and Erika discuss the risks and harms of fentanyl and fake pills in our community. Topics include: recognizing an overdose; how to respond to an overdose, including the use of naloxone; and how to stay safe from fentanyl and fake pills.

Short clip: Alma's Story

Short clip: Fake vs. Real

Short clip: Overdose – It can happen to anyone

Short clip: Recognize the signs

Short clip: Naloxone can save lives

Short clip: Keep safe

Short clip: Locking it up

Short clip: Staying in the know