Ventura County Behavioral Health

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department provides mental health and substance use treatment services. VCBH plays an important role as an integrated component of the Ventura County Health Care Agency. We provide support for individuals and families who are in crisis; people considering suicide; or those struggling with mental illness, substance use, or both.

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Promoting Community Health

We are committed to community health promotion in Ventura County. Ventura County Behavioral Health provides prevention and early intervention services to individuals at risk of mental health and substance use challenges. We help to implement services that promote wellness, foster health, and prevent the suffering that can result from untreated mental illness and substance use problems.

Substance Use Services – Prevention works upstream to reduce alcohol and drug-related problems in our community. Initiatives are aimed at limiting harms related to impaired driving; underage and binge drinking; marijuana and vaping, especially as it relates to harms to youth; prescription drug abuse; and addressing health disparities among vulnerable populations. A primary goal is to delay the onset of first use of alcohol and or other drugs by youth.

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Mental Health Prevention Programs offer stigma and discrimination reduction programs to help reduce negative attitudes, beliefs, and discrimination against those with mental illness or seeking mental health services and increase dignity and equality for individuals with mental illness and their families. Suicide Prevention programs provide resources to prevent suicide because of mental illness.

This website includes an overview of Mental Health and Substance Use prevention resources in the community.

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Access to Substance Use Treatment Services

VCBH provides a continuum of care for substance use and addiction problems, with six locations and access to a range of treatment services for achieving and maintaining recovery.

If you believe you or a family member may be struggling with addiction, talk to your healthcare provider or call the confidential 24/7 Access Line: 1-844-385-9200.

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